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No word on whether Heidi is leaving in part because her alleged boy toy Jason Varitek is engaged.

************ Though the rumors of Varitek dating Heidi Watney were never confirmed, it would appear that they are definitely not an item now, if they ever were.

I’m generally supportive of efforts to get more women working in and around professional sports, whether I’m re-reading Nora Ephron’s classic “Bernice Gera, First Lady Umpire,” a must-read if you care about women and baseball, or cheering Kim Ng’s ascent in the front-office ranks.

And I’m also not a big fan of policing anyone else’s sex life or personal conduct.

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NYY 2 AB, 1 H, 0 HR, 1 RBI, 0 SB Rookie Status: Exceeded rookie limits during 1998 season Agents: Scott Boras Full Name: Jason Andrew Varitek Nicknames: Tek Pronunciation: \VAIR-uh-teck\ League AL - American League (1901-present)NL - National League (1876-present)AA - American Association (1882-1891)UA - Union Association (1884)PL - Players League (1890)FL - Federal League (1914-1915)NA - National Association (1871-1875)" data-stat="lg_ID" scope="col" class=" poptip sort_default_asc center" data-tip="League AL - American League (1901-present)NL - National League (1876-present)AA - American Association (1882-1891)UA - Union Association (1884)PL - Players League (1890)FL - Federal League (1914-1915)NA - National Association (1871-1875)" Double Plays Grounded Into Only includes standard 6-4-3, 4-3, etc. All official seasonal totals do not include GITP's." Position’*’ indicates position played in 2/3rds of team games,’/’ less than 10 games played." data-stat="pos_season" scope="col" class=" poptip sort_default_asc left" data-tip="Position’*’ indicates position played in 2/3rds of team games,’/’ less than 10 games played." GG - Gold Glove SS - Silver Slugger MVP - Most Valuable Player CYA - Cy Young Award ROY - Rookie of the Year" data-stat="award_summary" scope="col" class=" poptip sort_default_asc show_partial_when_sorting center" data-tip="Summary of how player did in awards voting that year.

Abraham) promptly cashiered, but I guess it doesn’t particularly conflict with her role as a sideline cupcake.But as a long-time lady Red Sox fan, I’ll admit that I cracked up when the Boston Globe’s Pete Abraham tweeted “If anybody at Fenway sees @Heidi Watney in the beer line, tell her the game starts at .” Whether Abraham intended it as a dig at the buxom blonde NESN sideline reporter or not, it was funny, and a sad commentary on the roles women can end up with in sports journalism.Because as much as I want more women writing about sports and doing good sports journalism, Watney’s awful.A three-time All-Star and Gold Glove Award winner at catcher, as well as a Silver Slugger Award winner, Varitek was part of both the 2004 World Series and 2007 World Series Championship teams, and was viewed widely as one of the team's leaders.

In December 2004 he was named the captain of the Red Sox, only their fourth captain since 1923.

Sideline reporter is not necessarily the most glamorous job in the business, either, but Suzy Kolber and Michele Tafoya have proven that women can do the job with dignity and use it in pursuit of actual information (even if drunken athletes hit on them), and while Craig Sager may have the world’s worst collection of suits, at least he’s got a sense of humor about his place in the game.

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