Questions ask boy dating your daughter

04-Sep-2017 00:43

Instead of making a judgment based on appearances, learn about him before cementing your opinion, positive or negative.

Children learn their first lessons in romantic love from their parents, reminds the National Fatherhood Initiative.

Asking open-ended questions is a brilliant way to find out what they’re thinking and get to know and bond with your children.

Plus, it can spark some entertaining conversations and keep the squabbling at bay around the dinner table.

Even though you aren't the one who will be heading out on a date with your daughter's new boyfriend, it is worth your time to get to know him.

By posing some questions to this Casanova, you can develop a better sense of who he is and communicate that you are -- and will continue to be -- an involved parent.

Engage him in a conversation, showing him that you aren’t putting him in the hot seat but that you are legitimately interested in learning who he is. The moment is a mountain to overcome in almost any relationship, but I believe it’s a mountain we, as Christians, can capture for the good of the daughter, the suitor, and the father.