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perhaps if this was not my first time signing up to one of these is have more to say I believe in You Hi im funny guy . I enjoy spending a warm sunny day outside, coffee with friends, a good hug, a deep conversation, a belly laugh & time spent with loved ones. The Lord is continuously at work in my life as I seek Him.

my kids are my life, and family is very important to me. to be more specific i have 3 cat Have no idea what to put here but since the automated machine has made it impossible to sign up otherwise, hummm, I am a happy person and I live a normal life I love my job love spending time with family and friends and pretty much enjoy life, work through hardships like ever other person, learn something new every day,... I know there are lots of lovely guys on here but I'd love to meet a like minded man who is passionate about his faith, jovial, ,decent, kind, peaceful, values family and friendship.

But just two weeks after they began communicating, the man suddenly had to take a trip to Amsterdam.

From there, he told Tracy that he would be travelling to the Ivory Coast, where his father had left him a mine.

I will update this post regularly for the next 2 weeks if there is any interest shown ;)Sure why not ! Come on fellow POF's - join in and let's get together ! I believe that we need a few groups of various ages, to suit everyone. Well seeing as how im only 25 myself, i was originally aiming for something geared towards 18-30, but any age is welcome, i just might have to change the tune a little bit thats all.

So if i can get a confirmed yes from, oh say 20 people, I'll look at booking something solid.

If i can get enough interest in a POF meeting in Edmonton, I'll gladly arrange it. We have probably lost someone through being widowed or divorced, and want to start over, or at least form a companionship with someone....

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If anyone you meet on a dating website asks you for money, “just don’t do it,” said Tracy, who did not want her last name used.Unlike any other province, men outnumber women in Alberta.In Fort Mc Murray, which the describes as “the manliest city” in Canada, some estimate the population breakdown is 60 per cent male and 40 per cent female.“It’s going to be a scam, period.” Less than two years ago, Tracy met a man on a dating site and quickly struck up a relationship that consisted of daily communication -- emails, phone calls and texts.

She said the man, who called himself Kevin Lopez and sent her photos she now believes to be fake, seemed to be well-educated and sophisticated.

He wrote “beautifully” and said all the right things.