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Of course, the most effective way to avoid your triggers is to engage in activities that do not depend upon alcohol or drugs.We call that having “Sober Fun,” which may sound contradictory at first.All Web site design, the CLEAN AND SOBER NOT DEAD™ Logo, shirt text, graphics, slogans, logos, phrases and the selection and arrangement thereof are Copyright © and/or Trademark TM protected 2006 - 2012, CLEAN AND SOBER NOT DEAD™. This prevented some users from accessing forums and posting in them. Our host company reported seeing this error, on a previous occasion. (TM) were: May 2010 (63,335); April 2010 (59,768); March 2010 (60,196); February 2010 (43,020); January 2010 (37,890); December 2009 (32,606); November 2009 (29,409); October 2009 (26,725); September 2009 (21,366); August 2009 (31,170); July 2009 (57,371); June 2009 (57,700); May 2009 (63,964); April 2009 (47,830); March 2009 (61,519); February 2009 (55,543); January 2009 (53,150); December 2008 (50,909); November 2008 (44,745); October 2008 (31,484); September 2008 (23,526); August 2008 (40,118); July 2008 (20,465); June 2008 (34,193); May 2008 (23,560); April 2008 (29,192); March 2008 (14,282); February 2008 (6,108); January 2008 (6,652); December 2007 (2,916); November 2007 (2,478); October 2007 (2,828); September 2007 (2,384); August 2007 (2,258); July 2007 (1,795); June 2007 (1,231); May 2007 (1,133); April 2007 (854); March 2007 (840); February 2007 (473); and, January 2007 (2). For example, a posted message might be about cell phones, but the links contained within the message go to a site that is selling refrigerators or other appliances. That stuff is called "gaming" and should be included only in the "Adult Entertainment" section (below).) Football (North American): Offering football-related information? (This is not the place for posting gambling information.These exchanges—sort of like 12-Step field trips—allow Boston’s members to expand their sober networks and to experience a wider range of recovery, all within the comfort of their own home group. And despite some pushback from local officials—including a 2009 ordinance that barred sober-living homes from residential neighborhoods—the place still sees more than 5,000 people hit 300 different 12-Step meetings each week.Features like regular recovery radio shows, a recovery motorcycle club, and a coffeehouse with its own therapy group lend Delray Beach—population just 64,000—the sobriety footprint of a much bigger city.

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And they’re reportedly very welcoming to out-of-towners; one traveler recalls a "rack of coffee mugs," where visiting AA-ers keep their own.

World-renowned for its thinking, the home of Harvard University and MIT is also known for its drinking, having taken top honors on a list of booziest US cities.

But—as is often the case in towns that knock ‘em back—Beantown takes its sobriety seriously, too.

Its compact size means sober fellows often cross each others’ paths, and the tourism-based economy provides a plethora of entry-level jobs to help newly-recovering addicts get back on their feet.

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“This community is one big helping hand that is always open,” says local halfway house owner Mike Devane.Most people struggling with addiction have found it challenging to rebuild their lives on a foundation of sobriety.