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22 August 1973With the girls having convinced the Ropers that Robin is gay and therefore it is quite proper for him to share with them, they have a new problem.On the day Robin moves in, Chrissy learns that her mother, who is no liberal, is to pay a visit.See full summary » Henry VIII has just married Marie of Normandy, and is eager to consummate their marriage.Unfortunately for Henry, she is always eating garlic, and refuses to stop. See full summary » A group of holidaymakers head for the Spanish resort of Elsbels for a 4-day visit.15 August 1973After a farewell party for departing flatmate Eleanor, Jo and Chrissy are anxious to find a third girl to share but find cookery student Robin Tripp in the bath instead. Mildred Roper that the girls have a man upstairs and she sends husband George to investigate.He meets a prospective flat-mate called Gaby,which is apt as she never stops talking, and insults her by mistaking her for a man. They want Robin to stay because he is an excellent cook.Cinderella- the most popular pantomime story owes its popularity to Perrault.

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See full summary » Stingy English landlord Rigsby manages to scam his lodgers Cooper, an arts student, and Philip, an African jock, making both pay for a room they must share. See full summary » Dr Nookey is disgraced and sent to a remote island hospital.You'd be forgiven for thinking that dating one of the country's biggest heartthrobs at the height of his success would be a passport to excitement and riches.Candlelit dinners-a-deux at the best restaurants in town, romantic holidays in far-off climes, evading the paparazzi and beating jealous female fans off with a stick come with the territory, right?The girls try to bluff Robin into moving out temporarily but end up sharing the room with him whilst Chrissy's mother takes her bed.

29 August 1973Jo is anxious to impress new boyfriend David and strong arms Robin into cooking a romantic meal for him.

George and Mildred Roper are forced to leave their home in South Kensington (as the landlords in Man About the House (1973)) when they receive a compulsory purchase order from the council. See full summary » One morning after a particularly wild party, Chrissy and Jo wake up to find Robin sleeping in their bath.