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Early geologists who undertook this search for resources and related geological mapping found that fossils embedded in sedimentary strata could be quite useful for mapping and correlating sedimentary formations across many parts of England.Some of this earliest work was done in the Coal Measures of northern England and in southern England and Wales as assigned only an approximate geologic age because the only dating method applicable is biostratigraphy.This indirect method compares accompanying animal fossils with those found in other African sites that have been dated more precisely using radiometric methods.By the mid-1800's the New York Surveys had resulted in the development of a relative stratigraphic zonation based primarily on fossil distribution.

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This characteristic makes the fossils of planktonic forms—particularly calcareous nannofossils, planktonic foraminifera, dinoflagellates, and graptolites—and nektonic organisms such as conodonts excellent regional and even worldwide time markers in marine strata.

older, younger, same age) of sedimentary rocks between different geographic localities.