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This database changes over time, as countries decide to change their time zone rules.

As new versions of Noda Time are released, the version of tzdb will be updated.

The versions of Num Py/Sci Py in the distribution are sometimes linked against faster versions of BLAS.

Installing Num Py/Sci Py with yum/apt-get/pip/easy_install won’t install the development package needed to recompile it with the fast version.

I don't know what causes that persistent-auth header but it looks to be related to the problem; whether it is the cause or a symptom of the problem, I don't know. Update: I have noticed that it seems to go wrong only when Windows authentication is enabled.

My server has a setting that allows username/password, windows auth or both (user can choose to sign in as a different user using username/password).

This has the disadvantage that it's less clear when a patch release is really just TZDB data vs when it's a regular bug-fix, but makes it much simpler for users.

This saves both space (the 2013h version takes about 125K when compiled) and time, as the binary form contains various precomputed transitions. This became awkward in a number of ways, not least because of the lack of full resource support in Portable Class Libraries.Daeken is the member of the team who had announced back in June that their (still private) exploits for the Nintendo switch were compatible with firmware 3.0.0.It appears that firmware 3.0.1 might not be so kind.For many users of the Nintendo Switch, there is not much incentive to stay on a low firmware at the moment.

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People who want online connectivity for the latest games such as Splatoon 2 will need to update.

As far as I can see, I have hard-coded the is Persistent parameter to be false in every call into ASP.