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CAC/ID Appointment Customer Service Log In Customer Service (military/civilian/retiree ID cards, SGLI, DEERS, Agent Letters): (402) 294-2374 Force Management NCOIC: (402) 294-4788 Passports: (402) 232-6035 Force Management (duty status, PCA, AFSC classifications, UPMR, overseas tour data, special duty assignment pay program): (402) 294-4788 Leave/INTRO: (402) 294-4700 Evaluations/Decorations: (402) 294-2050 Career Development Superintendent: (402) 232-1303 Retentions (reenlistments/extensions/retirements/separations): (402) 232-1367 Outbound Assignments: (402) 232-1727 Promotions: (402) 294-4448 PRP: (402) 294-4788 Enlisted Evaluation System / Weighted Airman Promotion System Roadshow Briefing & Q&A: If you missed the EES/WAPS Roadshow briefing, you can find it on the links below.

There is also a question and answer sheet for the most commonly asked questions.

Like many insurance providers, TRICARE offers a variety of plans to fit your specific health situation or family health needs.

Plans differ based off the military branch you and your family fall within, what your health care needs are, and your status of military activity (active duty or retired status).

*Selected Reserve refers to National Guard and Reserve members, which includes the Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Navy Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, and Coast Guard Reserve.

*Rates for TRS are subject to change every calendar year.

Appointments for customer service actions (military and civilian ID cards, SGLI updates, DEERS updates, Agent letters, and passports) are highly encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome on a first come, first serve basis.In some cases, however, marriage can also lead to an end to Tricare benefits.