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Since its inception, the concept of "Two Best Friends" has expanded to the "Super Best Friends Zaibatsu", with the inclusion of additional friends Woolie and Liam.

More content can be found on their website: Super Best Friends Play, which contains several mini-episodes, full-length Let's Plays, and a multitude of themed series, all centered around playing video games hilariously. A recap of all their episodes can be found on the series' Recap page. You have been coloring this the entire time I've been gone? You're like, the worst person I have known in my entire life.

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All the pop cultural references are documented on the series' Shout-Out page. The whole game is over now, but it'll still let you play it, to let you know how you fucked it up so bad. Pat: (after recounting a story about how he got dumped by someone because they argued about love) "Pat, what do you think went wrong?

Their numerous in jokes and running gags can be found on this page. " I think what went wrong was when she was telling me about her feelings, I was like "You're such a dumb bitch." I think that may have been the part where I tripped over my feet at the finish line.

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Overwhelming response crashed the servers, and vigorous international response prompted the team to make the videos viewable internationally. There's an an official site with liner notes for the various songs, merchandise links, and other goodies.

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There are also several prequel comics: three half-length ones on the Dark Horse My Space page for Captain Hammer, Moist, and Penny, a full-length print one-shot for Dr.The series does not focus on the two friends; they weren't even named until the second season.

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