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21-Jan-2018 13:20

Learn More Learning with us means taking control of your education.

Personalization is our defining feature, and with a full catalog of more than 150 elementary, middle and high school courses—including AP, honors, career and college prep, electives, world languages and NCAA-approved core subjects—the possibilities for any student are endless.

The People Soft Mobile Technician Video Feature Overview is now premiering on the People Soft video channel!

People Soft Mobile Technician lets your Field Technicians quickly view and update work order tasks, as well as create new work orders while performing their rounds.

This information on the need for and availability of early care and education programs for low-income children in Chicago is meant to serve as a planning tool for community organizations, churches, businesses, schools, foundations and City and State officials to ensure that quality educational programs are available for Chicago's low-income children.

It is part of an ongoing effort to present up-to-date, relevant information about community conditions, assets, and needs for all Chicago community areas, and it contains: The information presented has been prepared by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, under contract with the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services, with data collected from a wide range of sources.

The Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) team today concluded a 10-day mission to assess the regulatory framework for radiation safety in the Republic of Kenya.| The IAEA signed two cooperative agreements to strengthen radiation safety and monitoring with organisations based in Argentina and the United States last week.Radiation safety aims to protect the public and environment from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation, which has many beneficial uses, including in medicine, science and industry."Measures to ensure that radiation safety is maintained at the highest level are vital when using nuclear applications for peaceful purposes," said Juan Carlos Lentijo, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security at the signature of the so-called Practical...

Full story » | The IAEA will cooperate with Russian authorities in the enhancement of the countrys national radiation safety standards and in the implementation of international safety standards as a result of two new agreements signed last week in Moscow.It consists of a method for storing configuration information in nonvolatile BIOS memory and three BIOS functions for working with that data.

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